PVC Waste Water Pipe Fittings
PVC pipes are tested and approved products with resistance to acids. PVC waste water pipes are resistant to alkalis. Maintains physical properties up to 60 degrees. They are non-deformable and durable. It is also resistant to damages in terms of being hard PVC.

Pvc Wastewater Pipes and Their Features Internal surfaces consist of smooth and ideal fluidity devices. There is no clogging with PVC waste water pipe fittings. These products prevent environmental pollution. The fittings are manufactured to the highest level of standards, particularly in terms of thickness. It has technology that minimizes sound transmission. With their protective coatings, the additional parts are not affected by external environmental conditions. It is always preferred in exterior installation arrangements with its impact resistant feature. In order to install the pipes easily, the outer surface must be slider up to the penetration depth of the pipe to be installed on the visible surface of the gasket. Mineral oils are never used. You can find all the details of the models that we designed for safe use of waste water pipes in our pictures. We are always with you to provide the most accurate service with our professional staff.