Pvc Pipe Fittings and Features

PVC wastewater pipes and fittings are among the application areas; villas and multi-storey houses, hospitals, schools, hotels, industrial and sporting areas. Long-term use is aimed to make the projects more economical and to maintain their physical structure. You can use PVC waste water pipes and fittings to make the foundations of structures more reliable without leakage.

PVC waste water pipes are produced in 1st class quality standards because they are produced in 1st class quality standards. Due to their smooth inner and outer surfaces, they do not cause formation and accumulation of sediment and dirt. Negative conditions such as producing bacteria and making odors are never experienced with PVC pipes.

PVC waste water pipes and fittings produced with PVC material never ignite in case of possible fire and do not allow fire to spread between the floors. For this reason, it is recommended to use PVC pipes in multi-storey buildings. All of your waste water discharge needs are eliminated thanks to PVC pipes that you can apply to your structures in the dimensions you want. PVC waste water pipes and fittings do not experience leakage problems thanks to their compatible gasket seats. Thanks to its practical installation and removal, it does not require heavy work such as cutting, bending and gluing.

What are the Benefits of Using PVC Wastewater Pipes and Fittings?

PVC waste water pipes and fittings made of hard PVC material do not catch fire in any way. It does not ignite in cases such as fire, but also prevents the spread of flames between the floors.

PVC pipes have been tested by applying water under 0.5 bar pressure within 15 minutes with waste water discharge system. This ensures that there will be no leakage. With the rigid features of the pipes, telescopic and telescopic positions can be easily stocked and transported. Unlike pipes that require tedious installation procedures, it is practically mounted and can also be removed if needed.