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Corrugated Mansons

Mansons are our own production and manson can be produced in desired sizes according to order. 

Corrugated Fittings

You can see in detail our own fittings for corrugated pipes.


PVC Pipes And Fittings

You can see our own production PVC pipes and fittings in detail and examine their properties.

PE 100 Pipe Welding Subcontracting

Welding subcontracting service for PE 100 pipes is provided with reliable and quality.

You can follow the new technologies, studies and projects we have completed.

Mbt Manhole Cover
Mbt quality with 20 × 20 cm, 30 × 30 cm, 40 × 40 cm and 50 × 50 cm manhole covers will be with you very soon. For more information about our manhole covers, please contact our technical team.