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Our company founded in 2006, located at Kayseri, Turkey. Initially, it started to produce infrastucture pipe fittings, and then corrugated pipe fittings are included due to demand from customers.

Meanwhile, we are producing in 4000 m2 closed area with 100% local capital at Kayseri 1. Industrial Area.

Our transformation period starting in 2012 is reached today to produce only corrugated pipe fittings, and this provides us to improve ourselves and focus on designing and producing corrugated pipe fittings.

By 2022, we are contributing to national economy with more than 300 standard and special products by selling to domestic market and exporting to 7 countries.

MBT Plastic is a leading company in injection production.


Our general principle is making continuous research, innovativeness, dynamism, and to protect customer benefits.


Today, competition in quality is under the shadow of competition in price; however, we are proud of setting stable vision as to be competitive in price, and pioneering in quality and customer satisfaction.


You can meet with hundreds of our customers choosing us.


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koruge ek parçalar
Corrugated Fittings
drenaj ek parçaları
Drainage Fittings
koruge rögar
Corrugated Manhole